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"Massages have always been a part of my life style! So yes, I've had many Therapist's! When I found Ramon :D, I knew I was "home" his amazing hands have not only touched me physically but also my soul! True, I'll drive 45Min. every month to see Ramon! =)"

                                                   By: Esther Schwemmer


"Love it, love it, love it! - Ramon is a wonderful massage therapist. My friend and I drive 45 minutes for our sessions with him. If you never had a massage, give Ramon a try, I Promise you, you will be coming back for more."

                                                   By: Eva Partridge


"I want and need to say that today I've had the best massage of my life. I've always wanted the "feel good" massage, not deep tissue of strong pressure that you get from some massages you may not actually need or want. But Natural Healers takes the time to communicate with you on the type of pressure you want or need. I found that the medium to strong pressure was actuall perfect for me! This completly surprised me! I never wante to attempt that level before. But with Natural Healers, I felt comfortable communicating the type of massage that was right for me. I didn't feel comfortable communicating this before anywherw else. If I want to try deep tissue in the future, I can proceed or back off if it isn't right. Ramon is always in touch with the type of Pressure that wordks for me. 

I must recommend the 2 Hour massage. Honestly, with this amount of time, you lose all you tension and drift into a dream that will take you to nirvana. I swear, I look younger and more beautiful than I did when I arrived. I and NOT joking. If you follow Ramon's instructions for the rest of your day following your massage, you can actually, with time lose the cellulite that we all hate to see in mirror. Natural Healers is the place to be."

                                                   By  Linda Lickteig,  June 4, 2012


"Ramon is awesome. Before Ramon, I considered a massage an extravagance that I only schedueled periodically. Now, massage is a regular par of my health routine and lifestyle. The tecniques Ramon uses are so relaxing and soothing. I leave a session feeling energized, balanced, and peaceful. Stress and tension are released, and relief from any aches and pains is immediately noticeable. Ramon's massages are wonderful, therapeutic, and much appreciated! The warm tea served after each session is also great.  Thank you, Ramon!

                                                  By Sue Vernon, June 21, 2012


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